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Upcoming Change to Adobe Creative Cloud Storage

Adobe Creative Cloud Logo, text, Cloud storage changes.

Adobe is modernizing the Creative Cloud storage experience and will discontinue Creative Cloud synced files in 2024 for Creative Cloud for Enterprise plans. This change will not affect you if you do not use Creative Cloud synced files.

If you do use Adobe Creative Cloud storage, here’s how you might be impacted: 

Starting February 1, 2024*, users will no longer be able to share files or folders from Creative Cloud Synced files with new users outside of your organization, sharing will continue to work within your organization until October 1st. 

Starting October 1, 2024., Adobe will begin discontinuing the Creative Cloud content synchronization process as well as synced file and folder sharing, and permanently remove the cloud-based copies of files for users. Adobe will begin discontinuing Creative Cloud Synced files for business customers. Assets in the local Creative Cloud Files folder on user devices will no longer be synchronized with Creative Cloud storage. User files will remain in your local Creative Cloud Files folder. Folders and assets previously shared from Creative Cloud Synced files will no longer be accessible to others including inside your organization as well as externally. 

*Note that users may not see these changes right away as Adobe rolls out the process gradually. 

Make the following changes before Feb. 1, 2024

OIT recommends moving these files to alternate storage, such as Microsoft OneDrive, and discontinuing the use of Adobe Cloud storage. In addition to the upcoming changes, once your Adobe license expires, any files you saved in Adobe Cloud storage will be lost and cannot be recovered.