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Traveling this Summer? Follow These OIT Tips

Traveling this Summer


Top Travel Tech Tips

While we may be taking a break from school (and work) the bad guys are hard at work.

Here are a few ways to stay safe online:

  • Be wary of emails with a sense of urgency requesting you take immediate action before returning to campus. Contact the sending department by phone or the OIT HelpDesk for verification.
  • Don’t do anything via public WiFi you wouldn’t want an eavesdropper to know — including logging into accounts with passwords. Use public WiFi for topics of conversation you would happily discuss in public.
  • Connect to UT’s virtual private network (VPN) to access UT resources securely, such as your pay statement or MyUTK.
  • Don’t let your device connect to public WiFi spots automatically.
  • Check with the establishment you’re visiting to ensure the network you log onto is theirs, and not one a snoop has set up to trick you.

Connect to Eduroam for Secure Wireless Access

Do you have plans to visit other universities over the summer? Will you be collaborating with your peers in person? If so, check if that university provides an Eduroam wireless network. Eduroam, short for education roaming, allows students, staff, and faculty from participating institutions to obtain secure Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.
Instructions for getting connected with Eduroam.


OIT Training in Canvas Catalog

OIT Online Self-Paced Workshops are available in Canvas Catalog, UT Knoxville’s outreach learning platform. View and enroll in these popular OIT self-paced workshops in Canvas Catalog: 

Take LinkedIn Learning Along

LinkedIn Learning has more than 15,000 videos and many audio-only lessons. Before you leave, download the videos to your phone or tablet so that you can keep learning when you are without WiFi. The LinkedIn Learning app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.
LinkedIn Learning is an online training resource available to all students, faculty, and staff


Scheduled Email Delivery

Did you know that you can set up delayed delivery of emails that will arrive during business hours? This email feature is particularly helpful if you are traveling or working from a different time zone but don’t want to send an email at 3:00 a.m. their time. With Outlook and Gmail, you can compose an email, then schedule it to send at a specific date and time.
Learn how to schedule the delivery of messages from your email client.

Set an Out-of-Office Reply

Planning that long overdue beach vacation this summer? You can set an Out of Office reply that will be sent on your behalf.
Review instructions for configuring automatic replies in the OIT Knowledge Base.