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New Resources for Researchers

Protecting Your Research Data: Data Types, Software Tools, and Products

OIT High Performance & Scientific Computing, OIT Research Computing Support, and the Office of Research, Innovation, & Economic Development have collaborated on a new website, Guide to Sensitive Information in Research, to familiarize faculty with with secure data types, software tools, and products. We want everyone involved in the research process to understand the available options and required measures outlined in most grant documentation. This website will help researchers secure the data collected while adhering to UT policies, grant guidelines, and federal regulations for handling that data.  

Explore and learn about each data type you may be collecting, from personally identifiable information (PII), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), protected health information (PHI), Sensitive Identifiable Human Subject Information (Human Subject), and more.  

Navigate the various tools, products, and software you plan to use to conduct your research and the security measures accompanying those data types. You will also find a list of supported tools and products available to collect, process, and store your research. These tools include standard communication and video conferencing applications to advanced compute resources offered by OIT’s High Performance and Scientific Computing service team.   

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