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OIT News

Update to the OIT HelpDesk Phone Queues

As part of the ongoing effort to provide better support to the university community, the OIT HelpDesk is updating its call queues on October 2. The new setup will be affiliation-based rather than technology-based, with queue options for Faculty and Staff, Students, and Other affiliations like Sponsored Users, Retirees, and Alumni.

Under the new system, HelpDesk full-time staff will primarily answer calls from Faculty and Staff. Our full-time HelpDesk staff have the expertise to assess the requirements of our faculty and staff members and answer their questions or direct their issues to the relevant OIT group as needed. On the other hand, HelpDesk part-time student assistants will primarily answer Student calls. Our student assistants have current, first-hand experience and knowledge to meet each student’s specific needs and challenges. When a HelpDesk student assistant isn’t available, the full-time staff will still be there to help. A mix of HelpDesk student assistants and full-time staff will answer calls for other affiliations like Sponsored Users, Retirees, and Alumni.

The new queues 

Request Type/Affiliation Call Queue Number
If you have an Open Ticket and Ticket Number Press 1
If you are currently in a classroom teaching and need Immediate Classroom Technology Assistance* Press 2
If you are a Faculty or Staff member Press 3
If you are a Student Press 4
If you are a Sponsored User, Alumni, Retiree, or Other affiliation with the University Press 5

*One crucial item to note is that under the new call queues, the specialized queue for instructors in a classroom needing immediate technology help will move from option 3 under the current system to option 2.