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Classify Your Devices Annually

NETREG, Survey Time,

The Network Classification system is back online! This system helps UT maintain accurate records of the information stored, viewed, or processed on your UT-owned devices* such as a laptop or desktop. You must complete a yearly survey for each device you use. If you registered a new device since October 2022 or have not completed a survey within the last year, you will soon receive email reminders about classifying your devices.

Save yourself some stress by completing the survey before the deadline. If you do not complete your survey in time, the classification process will disable your network registration for two weeks and then delete your registration. While your entry is disabled, you can classify your device to get back online.

Visit the classification site anytime to view your assigned devices and each device’s associated survey due dates. 

Follow these steps to complete your survey: 

  1. Go to 
  1. Select Login to Classify  
  1. Select the Classify link to complete the survey for each device requiring action.   

*Please note that the Classification Survey does not apply to UT-owned servers. Per UT Policy and campus standards, servers must be documented in a system security plan. A security plan documents the current information security requirements of a system and describes the controls in place or planned, responsibilities, and expected behavior of all individuals who access a system. Devices included in a security plan do not need to be classified annually.