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Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot

Coming soon to your UT Microsoft 365 applications, Microsoft dubs Copilot, your personal AI assistant for work. Copilot combines large language models (LLMs) with your organizational data and integrates with available Microsoft 365 apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Outlook). With this new application, you will have built-in assistance to help you get things done. Copilot allows you to interact with the application using natural language prompts and will respond to the questions you ask via text, voice/microphone, or AI-generated prompts such as Ask Me to Summarize or Ask Me About This Document.

Ways to put Copilot to work in your Office tools:

  • Teams: Generate status updates from today’s meeting notes and chat thread.
  • PowerPoint: Help me organize my content for a PowerPoint presentation based on my recent report.
  • Outlook: Summarize this email thread and draft a suggested reply.
  • Word: Locate all of the references in this document for this particular skill set…
  • Excel: What is the predicted trend in attendance at our events?

Using Copilot within your Microsoft 365 apps means the Copilot AI assistant can access your content from SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and more to help create content, data summaries, and suggested responses. Any Copilot content you generate is protected by all the standard privacy features in Microsoft 365 and inherits permissions set by you, your team, or your organization.

To start preparing for Copilot: