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Happy Valentine’s Day from OIT

Technology We LOVE at OIT

For Valentine’s Day, we asked some of our team members to share the tech tools and features they LOVE. And today, more than ever, we believe in keeping it simple. Try some of these ideas…maybe you’ll fall for few of these technologies, too.

UT Verse

Fall in Love with Efficiency this Valentine’s Day with UT Verse AI

This Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about a tech tool that is revolutionizing productivity at UTK: meet UT Verse, our internal, protected, customized ChatGPT experience that makes professional tasks more efficient and more accessible than ever before. The possibilities are endless, but lately, I love using UT Verse as my:

  1. Researcher: Instead of trying to make sense of traditional web search results, I ask UT Verse and seamlessly receive conversational responses from various sources.
  2. Editor: I often ask UT Verse to help rewrite longer emails and other communications for clarity, brevity or to reach a specific audience. Similarly, I can ask UT Verse to summarize a webpage or document when I need to cut to the chase.
  3. Brainstormer: A quick chat with UT Verse can give me a jump start on brainstorming and ideation.
  4. Problem Solver: In a UT Verse chat, I can provide the context, describe my goals, and clarify my expectations, and UT Verse offers guidance with as much or as little detail as I request.
  5. Teaching Assistant: I ask UT Verse to take on a persona to help me consider other perspectives, tailor instructional content or communications for different individuals, or approach a topic or task from a different angle.
  6. Coding Assistant: UT Verse can offer suggestions and solutions on several programming languages.

We invite you to embrace the love of efficiency and productivity safely and confidently with UT Verse AI!

Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts and accessibility sections of the Zoom desktop app include some interesting tidbits, like Page Down to view the next page of gallery view webcams and the option to customize the color and size of the caption text that appears on your screen during the meeting.

Microsoft OneNote

The OneNote app is my go-to for all things note-taking! Instead of having sticky notes and endless paper piles of to-do lists on my desk, I go straight to OneNote and type away. I can organize, search, and share notes with my team. I also love syncing my content between devices, so I never lose a note!

Add a Subject to a Teams Channel Post

Adding a Subject to a conversation in a Teams Channel allows you to scan through multiple conversations that occur in a channel over days or weeks. Locate that piece of information quickly and help others quickly gain context about your message before reading it.

Here are few apps that are not supported by OIT, but some of our staff find helpful. Maybe you’ll love them as well.

Yuka Mobile App

I love my Yuka, a mobile app that I use to scan food and cosmetics during grocery shopping and to learn about the ingredients. It’s a great educational tool that helps me to make healthy choices. When I get too excited in the sweet section of a grocery store, I just start scanning. I see plenty of red alerts and I sail through the aisle empty-handed and without regrets.

Mac Apps to Get Things Done:

  • Text Expander: Customizable and shareable snippets of text that allow your team to fly through repetitive tasks quickly by expanding the things you type regularly.
  • TopNotch: Blends the notch with the menu bar on XDR Macs.
  • Lunar: Allows Silicon Macs with XDR screens to go beyond 500 nits brightness.
  • Yellow Dot: Reduces the appearance of Mac privacy indicators.
  • Boom 3D: Boosts the audio up to 200%, custom EQ, and Allows per-app volume adjustment.
  • f.lux: Allows manual adjustment to screen color temperature and reduces blue light eye strain.
  • Mac Fan Control: Allows custom fan activation settings based on temperature.
  • Vox: A light music player.
  • Dark Reader for Chrome: Dark mode for every website. This eye-care extension enables night mode by creating dark themes for websites on the fly.
  • Ad Guard: Protects against browser malware, scam websites, and ad tracking.