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OIT News

Happy Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week!

OIT is pleased to offer many services for graduate students and those who serve them in their studies, including:

Research Support

  • Quantitative, qualitative, and geographic information systems analysis for research, including 15 hours of consultation per semester 
  • Access to research software 
  • Access to web survey tools 
  • Access to ISAAC, the high-performance research cluster
  • View OIT Research Computing Support Services

Help with Teaching Tools & Available Training

Additional Resources

OIT Services

  • The graduate computer lab in Hodges 131 
  • Online file storage in Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive 
  • Professional email, calendaring, and collaboration tools 
  • View the OIT Website

Graduate Blueprint from the Graduate School

If your role at UTK requires support for graduate education, you will want to check out the Graduate Blueprint within the UTK Data Central hub. This blueprint provides a comprehensive look at the life cycle of student progress, including admissions, enrollment, support, student success, and placement. This resource was developed through a collaboration between OIT and the Graduate School using the SAS Visual Analytics platform and data from the UTK Campus Data Warehouse. Authorized personnel may request access to the Graduate Blueprint by contacting the Graduate School.

Data Central

Find even more UTK decision support recourses and information at Data Central.  

Ask OIT for Help

Contact the OIT HelpDesk with any questions about these and other OIT services available to graduate students.