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Focus on Atlas.ti Version 24

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The University of Tennessee now offers a 20 simultaneous user license for Atlas.ti. Atlas.ti is a qualitative data analysis software that assists researchers in analyzing and interpreting textual, audio, video, or image data.  It’s particularly valuable in research fields where understanding the depth and nuance of human experiences, perceptions, and interactions is important to the research. 

The primary value of Atlas.ti lies in its ability to help researchers systematically organize and analyze complex qualitative data, which is a process that relies heavily on human judgment and interpretation.  Atlas.ti supports collaborative work, which is essential in many research projects. Using Atlas.ti Web, multiple researchers can work on the same project, sharing codes, memos, and insights.  

Additionally, Atlas.ti harnesses the power of AI. While the use of AI within Atlas.ti augments the researcher’s capabilities rather than providing fully automated analysis, the software provides automated coding suggestions, based on simple AI algorithms. These features help identify patterns or frequently occurring themes within the data.  Although Atlas.ti will not use data to train or improve AI models, it is also possible to enable AI privacy mode to completely disable this functionality.

If you are interested in trying out Atlas.ti, the software is available via Apps@UT. Instructions for creating an Atlas.ti account are available on the OIT software download site

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