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OIT News

Duo Changes for Summer 2024

OIT is excited to announce two new features coming to Duo two-factor authentication (2FA), starting on June 25. First, you will receive a security notice any time you add or remove a device to your Duo account. Second, we are upgrading your experience to Duo’s modern interface, Universal Prompt. Read on for details. 

Security Notification from Duo 

Any time you add or remove an approved device to your Duo account, you will receive both an email notification and a message through the Duo mobile app on your phone. These notifications will help you identify when someone else is attempting to access your account. You can learn more about these notifications on Duo’s website.  

Subject of email: Device, [device name] Added” or “Device, [device name] Removed 

Duo’s Universal Prompt: Modern Authentication Experience 

When you log into a website protected with Duo, you encounter a Duo prompt after entering your application login details. The Universal Prompt offers a streamlined Duo experience compared to the traditional prompt, enabling faster application logins. Although the Duo login options may appear different, the Universal Prompt still supports a wide range of Duo login methods, allowing you to select the options that suit you best. 

Here’s a comparison of signing in with Duo Push in the Universal Prompt and traditional prompt:

Universal Prompt

Traditional Prompt

Sign In with an Alternate Method of Authentication

To sign in with an alternate authentication, such as Duo Mobile Passcode, Token, or Bypass Code, select Other options, and then choose how you wish to sign in.