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Did You Receive a Random Two–Factor Request?

A hand holding a cell phone with text, "Is that you?, a green checkmark, and and X. The second phone screen shows the Duo logo.

NEVER press yes on your authenticator application unless you are certain you are the originator of the request. 

We use Duo two-factor authentication at UT; you may also use other two-factor applications for personal use. The purpose of these apps is to ENSURE that you are the individual logging into your account. Do not tap the accept button on your phone by reflex when you see an authentication request pop up. Please pause for a moment and ask yourself if you actually performed an act, such as trying to sign in to an application, before you press YES or enter a code. If you are unsure—tap NO. If an authentication request continues to pop up and you have not initiated the request, it is likely that your account is compromised.

When in doubt—please call the OIT HelpDesk for guidance and next steps. Your online safety is one of our utmost concerns, and pausing before acting is an important defense against bad actors on the internet.

Remember, be sure before pressing yes!