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Be Cyber Smart, Recapping October Security Tips

Cybersecurity Awareness Wrap-Up
  1. Ransomware can be scary, but you can outsmart cyber criminals. Back up your data and mitigate the threat of a cyber incident.
  2. Did you know, you can hover over a link to reveal its true destination? That way you avoid falling into a trap of clicking on an unsafe website.   
  3. Don’t get tricked. All those posts asking you to share your favorite food, pets’ names, where you were born, etc., are easy ways for cyber criminals to learn the answers to your security questions.
  4. Back up your data in multiple places.
    Remember – you have access to both Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive through the university. Learn more about your cloud storage options.

Visit the OIT Information Security website to learn more about keeping your data secure.

Visit the National Cybersecurity website.