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Classroom Technology Tips

Classroom Technology Tips

Have You Tried Restarting? 

It may sound like a joke, but restarting technology is frequently the best way to fix issues you experience in the classroom. Sometimes, your computer may not recognize a cable or adapter you plug into it. Restarting a computer with the cable or adapter plugged in will often help the computer connect with the new device. Keep in mind that closing the lid on a laptop only puts it into suspended sleep mode. It doesn’t turn your computer off. You need to restart it by doing the following:  

On macOS: 

  • Navigate to the Apple Menu in the upper left corner of your screen 
  • Select Restart… 

On Windows: 

  • Navigate to the Start Menu 
  • Select Power 
  • Select Restart 

Have You Located the Cynap Keyboard and Mouse? 

If you are planning to present using the Cynap system, you will want to locate the system keyboard and mouse. Simply check the front of the podium and pull the panel down to reveal the “hidden” sliding drawer. Use this keyboard and mouse to control the Cynap software.  

Additional Resources 

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