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Classroom Technology Tips: Start a New Cynap Presentation

Classroom Tips, Instructor teaching at the podium.

At the start and end of each class, we recommend that you do a soft reboot of your Cynap. This is called “Ending a Presentation and Starting a New Presentation.” Just like rebooting a computer, starting a new presentation resets the system, closes previous applications, and clears the data of earlier presentations. This step also resets the pin code preventing prior class attendees from joining your new session with older pin codes.  

To Start a New Presentation on Cynap: 

  1. Tap the Cynap screen and tap the ellipsis menu on the bottom right corner 
  2. Tap End Presentation 
  3. Tap New Presentation

Notice the pin code at the top of the Cynap resets. If you experience connection issues, starting a new presentation is a great way to troubleshoot your Cynap quickly.


Check out this video for starting a new presentation on Cynap

For more Cynap troubleshooting tips, go to the Cynap Troubleshooting Guide