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Classroom Technology Tips: What are Interactive Whiteboards? 

Classroom Tips, Instructor teaching at the podium.

Traditional dry-erase whiteboards can be a simple and effective way to amplify your instruction. However, dry-erase markers tend to dry out, leading to poor visibility across the physical classroom. Interactive whiteboards, while similar to the old Smartboards, don’t require software installation on your laptop. They allow you to annotate on a virtual whiteboard or on top of content projected on the screen. Annotations are not saved to your presentation and are only available while projected in the classroom. 

In technology-enhanced classrooms across campus, you’ll find two available models, Epson Interactive Projectors and ViewSonic ViewBoards

  • Epson Interactive Projectors can be identified as being a wall projector attached to a traditional-looking whiteboard. These systems can be used either as a traditional whiteboard, or by tapping to the right or left of the whiteboard, you can bring up the tools for using it digitally.  
  • ViewSonic ViewBoards will usually be large touchscreen monitors that let you switch between different inputs to annotate or use the built-in whiteboard feature. 

Additional Resources:

Want to know if your classroom has an interactive whiteboard?
Visit the OIT Classroom Technology Resource website and locate your classroom under Find Your Classroom.

Want to learn how to use an interactive whiteboard?
Visit the Interactive Whiteboard instructions webpage.

Prefer one-on-one training?
Feel free to contact the OIT HelpDesk to request classroom technology training