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911 and Your Campus Phone

911, caduceus and image of someone dialing a phone.

As the campus transitions to using RingCentral’s cloud-based telephone service, we would like to emphasize the importance of the 911 location database. The RingCentral desktop phones that are being installed can be moved without the assistance of a Telephone Services technician. However, the 911 location database must be updated when these phones are moved.   

When a user dials 911 from their phone, the location database automatically provides the phone’s location to 911 dispatchers. If a phone is moved without notifying Telephone Services, then the location is not updated in the 911 location database. Any calls placed to 911 from this phone would deliver incorrect location information to the dispatcher, and emergency responders would be indefinitely delayed in providing assistance at your current location. For your safety, it is important to contact OIT Telephone Services when you need a desktop phone moved. This will help ensure that all the information is updated in our database. 

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