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Computer Labs

Printing in a Computer Lab (VolPrint)

Printing on campus is simple and convenient using the VolPrint system. More than 60 printers are available for students to use in OIT Computer Labs and many other areas across campus. Users can print from either the computers located in the student computer labs or from their own personal devices.

Note: In order to prevent problems accessing VolPrint, your NetID  password must not contain the characters ” or /.

Print from your personal device using MyPrint

MyPrint is a cloud-based web service within VolPrint that allows for mobile printing from most devices. It can be used on personal devices such as phones and tablets as well as from computer lab desktops and loaner laptops.
Upload documents to MyPrint

Learn more about MyPrint

Print from computer lab machines using your NetID and password

For black and white print jobs:

  1. Preview your print job to be sure it will print correctly
  2. From the File menu select Print, then select the appropriate queue (i.e. NetID_South_Com_1_2)
  3. Click on Print
  4. When the Enter your NetID and password
  5. You will see your account balance and how much the print job you have requested will cost
  6. Click “Yes” to print the job, and then click “OK”

For color print jobs

  1. Preview your print job to be sure it will print correctly
  2. From the File menu select print, then select the appropriate queue (i.e. commons_color, 403jdt_color)
  3. Select print
  4. Log into the release station using your NetID and password
  5. Select your job or jobs
  6. Click on the Print button in the lower right-hand corner


Black and White laser print

  • Letter size (simplex) single-sided: $0.03/per page
  • Letter size (duplex) double-sided: $0.03/first side; $0.01/second side

Color laser print

  • Letter size single side: $0.50
  • Tabloid size single side: $1.00

Need to add money to your VolCard?

Students must have money on their VolCard account in order to print. This money is different from your Dining Dollars. There are a number of different ways to add money for printing to your VolCard:

Value Point machines (cash only) located in:

  • Ag Campus – Pendergrass Library
  • Hodges Library – North Commons
  • VolCard Office – 408 Student Services Building
  • Ayres Hall – Commons Area 116

Online: Add money using VolCard Account Deposit

In person: Visit the VolCard Office (deposits can be made by cash, check or credit card).

VolPrint Credit

Credit may be received for print jobs that are bad due to machine problems not under the user’s control. Credit cannot be given for formatting problems users should have noted before printing. To verify print charges log into the VolPrint report page.

Ask a student assistant to complete a VolPrint Credit request form for you. This form will be processed within 5 business days with a credit made within the Volprint system which you can only use within the system.