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Research Computing Support

R & RStudio

What is it? R is a free, open-source software environment for statistical computing, data management, and graphics. While it includes a simple code editor, it can be controlled through many other packages. The most popular way to run R is through RStudio, a free and open-source program which includes a code editor, as well as debugging and visualization tools. R is very extensible and supports a wide range of analytic and visualization methods. However, its data usually must fit into your computer’s main memory, limiting the size of data sets it can analyze. Click here to view the types of machine learning algorithms supported by this software.

What can I use it for? Since R and RStudio are open source software, anyone can use them for almost any purpose. Here are the license details for R and RStudio.

Where can I run it? Being open source, you can install R and RStudio, on any Linux, Mac or Windows computer. They are both also available on OIT’s  Apps@UT server, and on the computers in the OIT public computer labs. There is no simultaneous user limit for their use. People with extreme computational requirements can also run R batch jobs on ISAAC.

How can I learn it? OIT offers workshops each semester and there are a set of two-minute tutorials at the  “twotorials” web site. The main R website provides links to reference materials including  FAQs, manuals, support “mailing lists”, and books.

Where can I get support? OIT offers Full Support for R and RStudio to University of Tennessee, Knoxville-area students, faculty, and staff. OIT has in-depth knowledge of the packages listed here. The best web site to ask questions or look up answers regarding R programming is Stack Overflow. The best place to ask questions or look up answers regarding statistical analysis in R is Cross Validated. You can request assistance by calling the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900.

Updated 3/22/2023