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Research Computing Support

R Packages Supported by OIT

R is a free, open-source software environment for statistical computing, data management, and graphics. There are more than 10,000 separate packages available, which help users perform many different tasks. While our staff strives to stay as up to date as possible, we are only able to focus on a subset of these packages. OIT uses the following criteria to decide on which packages to support: It is widely used on campus, it is well established, and it complements our computing expertise.

Packages currently supported by OIT are listed below. Additionally, you may submit a request for OIT to add new packages to the list and our staff will assess it to determine if it meets the support criteria listed above. You can request assistance by calling the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900.

Data Analysis

Amelia effects lawstat prophet
ARTool emmeans lme4 psych
bestNormalize EnvStats lmerTest qqtest
car ez MASS Rcmdr
cccrm fable Matrix RcmdrMisc
classifly FactoMineR MCMCglmm rms
cluster fBasics mgcv robust
coin Fitdistrplus mnlogit sjstats
compareGroups forecast multcomp stats
corrr geepack multcompView SuppDists
COUNT glmmTMB nlme survey
descr glmnet onewaytests survival
DescTools gmodels ordinal vcd
DoE.base Hmisc permuco

Data Management

baselubridate rlang tidyr
broommemisc RMySQL tidyselect
broom.mixedpurrr sas7bdat tidyverse
compare quantmod sjlabelled utils
data.table readr sjmisc xts
dplyr readxl sqldf zoo
foreign recipes stringi
haven reshape stringr
lazyeval reshape2 tibble

Data Science, Machine Learning, Text Analysis, and Image Analysis

DALEX h2o randomForest twitteR
deepnet KernelKnn ranger xgboost
EBImage neuralnet streamR
gbm nnet tidymodels

Plots and Output Delivery


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