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Technology Connections

Keeping You Inspired, Informed, and In the Know

Connections is a bi-weekly video podcast about current technology offerings at the University of Tennessee. Each ten-minute episode will offer current and useful information to help you meet your goals and be successful.

Why We Use Microsoft Teams at UT

When it comes to virtual collaboration, there is no better tool at the University of Tennessee than Microsoft Teams. Sure, there are other tools such a Slack, but when you put the two side by side, Microsoft Teams out-performs similar collaboration apps. Teams is fully supported by OIT and we are ready to help you implement your own Microsoft Teams. Call the OIT HelpDesk to set up a consultation with one of OIT’s Trainers. If you enjoy this weeks vodcast. Please be sure to Like and Subscribe to Technology Connection over on YouTube. Then you’ll be the first to know about new post. Thanks for your support.

Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of your Microsoft 365 tools that will help you stay in touch with your entire team. With the use of powerful collaboration tools you’ll connect with all your projects and accomplish more.

Using Cloud Storage

At University of Tennessee, we create thousands of documents every week, and those documents need a place to live. We need a safe, secure, easily accessible site and backed up regularly. And so Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Stream come into focus. Both are safe and secure for all your files, and they both have large storage capacities

To learn more about the different cloud storage options at the university, watch Episode 2 of Technology Connections or check out our comparison chart.

Using Panopto at the University of Tennessee

Panopto is the latest and greatest tool to help you with your classroom recording needs. In today’s episode, Adam Brimer takes a few minutes to help us better understand how Panopto can help.

Get a quick introduction with this ten-minute video and then dive in deeper and find out how you can use create online lectures with Panopto.

Still have questions? Contact the HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 or explore the self-service portal.