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Technology Connections (Vodcast)

Technology Connections
Keeping You Inspired, Informed, and In the Know

Welcome to Technology Connections, a bi-weekly video podcast featuring useful information and tips to help you stay connected with current technology trends. Each ten-minute episode is hosted by OIT trainers, Steve Chastain and Kortney Jarman, at the University of Tennessee. After viewing your first vodcast we encourage you to Like and Subscribe to the Technology Connections YouTube channel so you don’t miss upcoming episodes.

LinkedIn Learning Curator Role at The University of Tennessee

In this episode of Technology Connections, Steve and Kortney talk about LinkedIn Learning’s new Curator role that allows users to create learning paths, upload custom content, and more within your LinkedIn Learning account. To become a Curator, call the OIT HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 and request to have your account upgraded. 

After watching the video and you’re ready to learn more, follow this link to LinkedIn Learning’s Curator page; to learn everything you can do with the Curator role including curation ideas and best practices.

Introduction to LinkedIn Learning at The University of Tennessee

LinkedIn Learning provides students, faculty and staff at the University of Tennessee with over 14,000 expert-led online courses and video tutorials. The courses and videos cover a wide range of topics from wellness, business, graphic design, computer applications and much more.

OIT Faculty Classroom Support

We are happy to welcome Jean Derco to the show today. Jean is the Executive Director of OIT Support in the Office of Information Technology. OIT Support includes the OIT HelpDesk, Desktop Support, Research Computing Support, Course Design and Delivery, and Instructional Support and Training. Today, she is here to give us a heads up on what’s happening in OIT to prepare faculty for this fall. 

Jean mentions a flyer that addresses the many things that OIT has ready to assist faculty.  Click Here to go to OIT’s website for additional information.

Using Adobe Spark to Improve Publications

Adobe Spark is a collection of media creation tools for mobile and web use. It’s composed of three different tools; Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. Spark will guide you through the process of making all your presentations look professional. When you watch the video on YouTube please consider subscribing to the Playlist so you are always the first to know about new episodes.

Microsoft ToDo

Microsoft ToDo is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription at the University of Tennessee. ToDo is a cloud-based tasks management application allowing you to manage your tasks from a smartphone, tablet, and computer. With ToDo, all your tasks sync between your devices.

Microsoft List

Microsoft List is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription at the University of Tennessee. This app will help you track information and organize all your work. List is simple, smart, and flexible, making it easy for you to keep up with all those important projects, people, and deadlines. With List, you can track issues, assets, routines, contacts, and inventory. Share the list and turn on alerts to keep everyone in sync. You can start with a ready-made template or a blank page…it’s totally up to you.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is part of the Microsoft 365 subscription at the University of Tennessee. This teamwork tool will provide you with a hub to collaborate with team members on projects and tasks, assigned plans, and shared resources. Planner is a powerful application to help you with tasks and project management.

Microsoft Bookings

We’re all looking for ways to make scheduling appointments simpler. Microsoft Bookings is a powerful yet easy-to-use scheduling tool. Instead of sending back-to-back emails trying to find just the right time, you send a link, and the person selects a date and time that works for them.

A Security Refresher

Today Steve shows us a security video he was in 15 years ago at UTK. (I know you’ll get a giggle) Even though the video is pretty old it reminds us that OIT has been serious about security for many years. Kortney and Steve will bring your attention to some of the useful security resources available on the OIT website.

Why We Use Microsoft Teams at UT

When it comes to virtual collaboration, there is no better tool at the University of Tennessee than Microsoft Teams. Sure, there are other tools such a Slack, but when you put the two side by side, Microsoft Teams out-performs similar collaboration apps. Teams is fully supported by OIT and we are ready to help you implement your own Microsoft Teams.

Using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of your Microsoft 365 tools that will help you stay in touch with your entire team. With the use of powerful collaboration tools you’ll connect with all your projects and accomplish more.

Using Cloud Storage

At University of Tennessee, we create thousands of documents every week, and those documents need a place to live. We need a safe, secure, easily accessible site and backed up regularly. And so Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive Stream come into focus. Both are safe and secure for all your files, and they both have large storage capacities

Using Panopto at the University of Tennessee

Panopto is the latest and greatest tool to help you with your classroom recording needs. In today’s episode, Adam Brimer takes a few minutes to help us better understand how Panopto can help.

Get a quick introduction with this ten-minute video and then dive in deeper and find out how you can use create online lectures with Panopto.

Still have questions? You can request a consultation with an OIT trainer on any of the topics covered here by contacting the HelpDesk at 865-974-9900 or by exploring the self-service portal.