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File Sharing and Storage


T-Storage provides a central location for users and departments to store files and is available to all Knoxville-area faculty, staff, and students.

Benefits of T-Storage

  • All Knoxville-area faculty, staff, and students receive a Home Area
  • Home Areas (H: drives) are mapped when you log into a computer in Active Directory, including OIT Computer Labs
  • Dedicated quotas: 50 GB home area and 200 GB/user for departments
  • Self-directed restores are available for 90 days
  • Locally stored on the UT network
  • Home areas are available for one year after you leave the University
  • Certified for FERPA data

How do I  access T-Storage?

T-Storage is available from EVERYWHERE!

  • OIT Computer Labs:
 Your home area will be mapped when you log in.
  • Your personal computer:  Map drives for Windows or Mac operating systems.
    In order to use your mapped drive, you must be on a wired UT connection, using UT’s secure wireless network (eduroam), or using the VPN (Pulse Secure). You can download the Pulse Secure client online through the OIT Software Download website.
  • Your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch:
    Instructions for Accessing T-Storage from iOS
  • Departments: To set up T-Storage, contact the OIT HelpDesk.

What are the quotas for T-Storage?

  • Home areas (H: drives) have a 50 GB quota enforced.
  • Departmental areas (I: drives) have a 200 GB per user quota enforced. On the departmental areas, each individual will be able to upload up to 200GB of data to the entire departmental share.

Contact the OIT HelpDesk if you are in need of having your quota increased.

How do I recover a  deleted file?

T-Storage files are backed up periodically per the specified retention policy.

Instructions for recovering deleted files

Frequently asked questions about T-Storage


The cost for T-Storage is:
.04/GB/month billed monthly for unit storage use greater than 1 TB

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