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Research Computing Support

KNIME Analytics Platform by KNIME

What is it? The KNIME Analytics Platform is free and open source software for data science. It uses a workflow (flowchart) interface to control the flow of your analysis by connecting icons with arrows. Each icon represents one step in your analysis and is configured using dialog boxes. This makes it easy to learn, yet able to perform complex analyses without having to learn a programming language.

What can I use it for? Since the KNIME Analytics Platform is open source software, anyone can use it for almost any purpose. Here are its license details.

Where can I run it? You can download it from to run on your PC, Mac, or Linux computer. Any number of users can also run it at the same time on the Apps@UTK server.

How can I learn it? The company also has a KNIMETV channel on YouTube as well as an online self-training page.

Where can I get support? OIT offers Minimal Support for KNIME to UTK students, faculty, and staff. The company runs a discussion forum where people can help one another with technical support issues.

Updated: 01/17/2024