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Class Backup Planning

The best laid plans all have a backup. To ensure that YOU have a backup, create a list of student emails in your course, create an email distribution list, and download your Gradebook so you have access to it outside of Canvas.

Creating a list of student emails

  1. Go to the MyUTK website.
  2. At the top of the page, select Academic Support, then select Export Class Roster from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the class you want to download the roster for, then click the Export Roster to CSV button. NOTE: You may want to download each class separately, otherwise you will get one big spreadsheet with all the classes that you selected on it.
  4. A CSV file for your class will be downloaded to either your desktop or downloads folder. It will be called roster.csv. You should rename this file to reflect your class name.
  5. Open the CSV file (spreadsheet), and save it in the format and location that you prefer. This file has students’ names, emails, and NetIDs, as well as other student information. 

Using the list to send emails to students

  1. Open the class roster from where you saved it.
  2. Select and copy the column with the students’ emails.
  3. Open a new email in Microsoft 365 (or in your preferred email provider).
  4. Paste the emails in the To: field of your email.
  5. Write your email and send it.

Creating an email distribution list with Microsoft 365

For Microsoft 365, just follow the instructions for How do I create a Microsoft 365 Group. You can set up a group for each class by using the email addresses from the roster to search for students to add to the group. This will make sending a group email easier, eliminating the copying and pasting each time.

Downloading your Gradebook from Canvas

  1. Open your Course and from the left-hand course navigation, click the Grades link.
  2. Click the Export button in the upper right corner of the grades table, then select the Export Entire Gradebook link from the drop-down menu.
  3. Save the CSV file that Canvas automatically downloads, using your preferred file name and location.