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Computer Lab Use Policy

To ensure the integrity of the equipment, the security of your computing environment and the best use of limited resources, please follow these policies while in the labs:

Use of Computers

  • The machines and the network in all OIT labs are for academic use only.
  • Save all your work to either your own media, email or your personal H: drive. Do NOT save to the desktop. Work saved to the desktop is erased on restart of the machine.
  • Machines are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Computers left unused for more than 15 minutes will be logged off automatically.
  • Anyone using a handicap machine may be asked to move if another person requiring handicap access needs to use the machine.
  • Professors may request software installation by clicking here


  • Default printing is duplex – jobs are printed on both sides of the page. You may change to simplex (one-sided printing) when you print. It is your responsibility to change to one-sided printing.
  • Always download jobs to the desktop or your H: drive. Do not attempt to print directly from Canvas, Google Docs, One Drive or other web based applications.
  • Please split large jobs into smaller chunks to allow others a chance to print.
  • Transparencies may not be printed in the labs.

Volprint Credit

  • Copy machines are not eligible for Volprint credit. Only Volprint printers are eligible for credit.
  • Credits may be requested for print job errors that the user has no control over, such as: paper jam, bad PDFs that don’t print, lost jobs, toner smear, etc.
  • Credits may not be requested for print jobs that users could change before printing, such as: forgetting to change to single-sided printing from duplex, choosing the wrong pages to print, not formatting properly, etc.


  • Tobacco products are NOT allowed in the lab.
  • You may bring in a COVERED drink. Drinks that cannot be closed are not allowed.
  • Snack foods are allowed in the Commons.
  • OIT is not responsible for any items left in the labs.

Your agreement to abide by university computer policies is accepted when you log onto university computers. For more information on the Computing Policies at UT, please see the Policies Section of the OIT website.