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Business Information Systems

Org Chart Manager

About Org Chart Manager (OCM)

Developed by Human Resources, OIT, IRIS, and ITS, Org Chart Manager is an easy to use web interface, integrated with IRIS, which provides the capability to view and change reporting relationships of University positions.

Software applications such as the Outside Interest Form and Concur Travel System will continue to come online over the coming months and rely heavily on the IRIS HR reporting structure for electronic approval and workflow. It is therefore essential to keep the IRIS HR position reporting structure up to date to ensure that electronic forms and processes needing on-line approval are routed correctly.  Org Chart Manager will only modify the reporting relationship between positions; all other changes to a position must be initiated within IRIS.

Login to Org Chart Manager

What’s Next

The Org Chart Manager site is currently available to UTK, UTSA, UTIA, IPS, and UT Foundation faculty and staff.

OCM will be made available to UTC, UTM, and UTHSC in the future, at which time their faculty and staff will be able to log in and use the application.

Supervisors will receive a monthly email of their reporting structure and will be able to make changes as needed through either Org Chart Manager or the IRIS Position Change e-Form.

About Managing Reporting Relationships

An employee can reassign a position’s reporting relationship if that position reports to them either directly or indirectly through their Unit’s reporting hierarchy.

If you have positions that report to you, you can assign proxy rights to another who can manage your positions on your behalf.

Depending on the organizational hierarchy, a change in a position’s reporting structure may require approval before the employee’s reporting structure is updated in OCM and IRIS.


There are two types of email notifications that are sent from Org Chart Manager.

  1. Actionable Emails:  Approval Required by the new supervisor before IRIS is updated.
  2. Notification Only Emails: Position reporting structure has been updated in IRIS sent to the new supervisor and monthly reports.