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Org Chart Manager

About Org Chart Manager

Org Chart Manager (OCM) is an easy to use web-based application which provides various department levels the capability to view and change reporting relationships of University positions. OCM is integrated with the IRIS organizational structure and maintains a position to position reporting hierarchy that is leveraged by applications such as the Concur Travel System and the IRIS ESS Leave Approval. Since the relationships are by position, no changes are required as employees come and go.

This new application will only modify the reporting relationship between positions; all other changes to a position must be initiated within IRIS.

 Starting in September, a phased rollout of Org Chart Manager to Knoxville area departments and colleges will begin and continue through the Fall.

What’s Next

A representative from the OCM project team will contact members of the Chancellor’s cabinet to arrange individual meetings to discuss the onboarding of their organization within OCM.

The OCM site is currently available to a limited number of authorized users. Each department will determine who the authorized users should be for their organization.

Responsibilities of Authorized Users

  • Confirm the reporting relationship is accurate.
  • Update the reporting relationship if it is incorrect.

OIT recommends the initial confirmation and update be performed by a limited number of people who know the organization, such as the departmental business office or human resources manager. By limiting initial access, the update and verification process will take less time to complete.

Once all departments have been on-boarded, OCM will be available to all Knox-area employees to view the UT organization.  Supervisors will receive a monthly email of their reporting structure and will be able to make changes as needed.

What can you do now?

  • Reviewing your organization’s reporting structure.  Having this information will speed up the time it takes your authorized users to confirm and input information.
  • Determine who will be the authorized users for your department.

About Managing Reporting Relationships

An employee can change a position’s reporting relationship if that position reports to them either directly or indirectly through their Unit’s reporting hierarchy.

If you have supervisory rights, you can assign proxy rights to another who can manage your positions on your behalf.

Depending on the organizational hierarchy, a change in a position’s reporting structure may require approval before the employee’s reporting structure is updated in OCM and IRIS.


There are two types of email notifications that are sent from Org Chart Manager.

  1. Actionable Emails: Approval Required by the new supervisor before IRIS is updated.
  2. Notification Only Emails: Position reporting structure has been updated in IRIS sent to the new supervisor


Below is the scheduled rollout of Org Chart Manager for various campus units.  OIT, a division of Finance and Administrations has approximately 250 employees.  The update and verification of the OIT reporting structure took approximately one hour.  Time spent per department may vary.

  • September 4-21: Finance and Administration
  • September 6-21: Student Life
  • September 11-21: Office of Research and Engagement
  • September 17 – October 3: Communications and Marketing
  • September 20 – October 12: Academic Affairs
  • September 25 – October 3: Athletics
  • October 1 – 8: Baker Center for Public Policy, Ombudsperson, Office of Equity and Diversity, McClung Museum, Bredesen Center
  • October 1 – December 15: Colleges and Institutes

Coming Soon: Frequently Asked Questions




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