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Which Web Host Is Right For You?

OIT provides multiple options for website hosting, including virtual server space for faculty, staff, and students—at no additional charge—and a OIT-Supported WordPress Environment. Need help deciding which is right for you? Read the table below.

OIT Public LAMP Server vs OIT-Supported WordPress

Public LAMPOIT-Supported WordPress
Who installs WordPress, Themes, and Plugins?YouOIT
Which theme can I use?You can choose your own themeUT Hill theme or UT System theme
What plugins can I use?Anything not on the banned plugins listAny plugin currently installed on multisite; new suggestions will be considered.
Where is it hosted?Public LAMPOIT’s multisite installation
Who creates content? YouYou
What URL can I have? or custom URLA custom UTK URL
PriceNo additional costNo additional cost

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