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OIT-Supported WordPress

What is it?

The OIT-Supported WordPress environment is designed to allow users to manage content while OIT administrators maintain WordPress, installed plugins, and the underlying operating system. Only OIT administrators will have the ability to install plugins, but each site will be able to activate any plugin currently installed on the system. New sites are created using the UTK template. Your NetID and password will be required for authentication to wp-admin. You can request a custom/vanity URL (virtual host).

How do I request a site?

Please fill out and submit the form at Request OIT-Supported WordPress Environment web site.

If you want to migrate an existing site, request a consultation online at Please include the current URL, current hosting service, and any plugins.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins provide additional functionality to WordPress websites. You may choose to activate and use any plugin currently installed in OIT’s Supported WordPress environment. You are responsible for the plugin’s use on your website.

OIT administrators will maintain the availability of plugins in this environment. Plugins that are no longer supported, or will not work with the current version, will be removed.

WordPress Plugin Requests

Preference is given to plugins that are already installed, and we recommend that you use the existing plugins. However, if the current plugins do not meet your needs, OIT administrators will consider installing additional plugins. For a list of plugins currently installed on the OIT-Supported WordPress environment, please see Installed Plugins.

Contact the OIT HelpDesk online to request additional plugins, include the plugin name and URL when submitting your request. OIT administrators will evaluate the plugin request and notify the requestor of the result.

Here are a few things that OIT administrators will consider as part of the plugin evaluation:

  • Is the plugin on the list of WP Engine’s disallowed plugins?
  • Is the plugin widely used, actively maintained, updated, and is verified to work with the installed version of WordPress?
  • Are there known issues with other installed plugins?

When updates are scheduled to be applied, to both WordPress and plugins, OIT will post the announcement to the OIT System Status Center. Sign up on the System Status Center to receive email alerts for all OIT events and planned outages.

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Faculty, staff, and departmental sites are eligible.

There is no additional cost for using the OIT-Supported WordPress environment.