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OIT Learning is your resource for the latest in UDL and Accessibility research and its impact in higher education.

PL, DI, UDL, Huh?

  • April 23, 2019   |  

Making Sense of Models for Inclusive Design Inclusive education is a broad and pretty ambiguous concept for which numerous models […]

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The Power of Multimedia Feedback (Mastery Series #2)

Mastery Series #2 Banner
  • March 12, 2019   |  

Where Are We In the first installment of this series, we examined a common barrier to learning whereby students may […]

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Not Just Feedback.. Mastery-Oriented Feedback (Mastery Series #1)

There is bountiful evidence that feedback is a crucial component in the learning process, including in higher education. Yet, quality […]

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Accessibility for Whom? Debunking an Old Myth

Meet Dr. Dood Dr. Dood’s (fictitious) department was in the thick of preparations for a new fall semester. Dr. Dood, […]

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Math Professor Discovers the Value of Captions (Part 3)

As part of the action research project, April and Eric wanted to locally replicate the results established in the literature regarding the benefits of captioning for all learners (see part 1 of this series) here at UT and in the context of April’s math class. Did captioning benefit April’s students? 

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Math Professor Discovers the Value of Captions (Part 2)

Because of the sheer volume of captioning to be done, we saw opportunity to test different methods of captioning with April’s 29 videos so as to better set precedent and localized research. While there are numerous ways to caption videos, we chose to pursue three methods…

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Math Professor Discovers the Value of Captions (Part 1)

In the summer of 2017, senior lecturer April Conner of Math 125 spent a tremendous amount of time and effort “flipping” her classroom … She very much wanted to ensure it was done both for compliance and to help ensure that students with relevant disabilities (e.g., deaf or hard of hearing) were able to access her instructional materials successfully. But she didn’t know where to begin.

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The Value of Good Objectives

In the UDL Guidelines, clear objectives may help support student development of executive functioning and self-regulation . In essence, if students know where they are supposed to be going, they are better empowered to make choices that will enable them to get there. In accomplishing these valuable purposes, not all objectives are created equal. What is the anatomy of a great objective?

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UDL & Accessibility: What’s the Difference?

One common and very important question that often comes up in conversation is what the difference is between “accessibility” and “universal design for learning” (UDL). The terms are sometimes (mis)used interchangeably; however, they are significantly different and mutually supportive.

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Welcome to the OIT Learning Blog!

  • January 4, 2019   |  

This blog (like a web-based journal) is intended to showcase stories, tips and discoveries from UT Knoxville faculty, staff, and students with regards to accessibility and UDL at UT Knoxville. Though there may be occasional conceptual entries, our focus in this blog is practical.

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