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UT Verse

The UT Verse is a chat-based, AI-powered platform specific to the University of Tennessee community. This is UT’s generative AI chat, where you can have AI conversations about topics that are geared toward our internal audiences, university business, and research.

Use UT Verse for your UT-specific AI conversations, including conversations about your research and proprietary university data.

Features for the UT Verse include:

  • Easy access to AI Chat.
  • User and business data is protected and will not leak outside the organization.
  • Chat data is available for internal use only and not shared with third-party groups or used to train the public AI models.
  • Manage access with UT Microsoft 365 accounts.
  • Ability to upload documents to prompt questions and analyze content. Coming Soon!
  • See all the features for UT Verse in the OIT Knowledge Base.

Who can use it?

Faculty, staff, and students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Institute for Agriculture, Institute for Public Service, UT Space Institute, and UT System Administration at no additional cost.

How to sign in and use UT Verse:

Sign in to UT Verse with your UT email address and password.

  • Faculty and Staff:
  • Students:

Supported Web Browsers: Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

Talk to UT Verse as you would another person. UT Verse responses will be limited to approximately 800 words per prompt.

Frequently Asked Questions

UT Verse is trained on the GPT-4 platform for Microsoft Azure OpenAI.

UT Verse is available to UT faculty, staff, and students in the Knoxville area. Use it to have AI conversations about UT specific topics, research, and proprietary data. UT Verse is built on a Microsoft platform.

Copilot is available to only faculty and staff. Use it for general conversations related to your work life; Copilot can help you create writing prompts for assignments, draft social media posts to announce guest lecturers, provide answers to general knowledge about information in the AI (which is vast…just try it). Copilot is included with your faculty/staff Microsoft license.

At this time, we do not encourage you to have conversation with regulated information such as PII, PHI, FERPA, etc.

No, UT Verse is available from anywhere

UT Verse is a community platform; we ask that you are responsible and use it for university-specific conversations. Use Copilot for general conversations.

We also recommend that refrain from conversations with regulated information such as PII, PHI, FERPA, etc.

This feature is coming soon; however there will be limit to the size and number of documents you can upload. If you are interested in uploading large data sets, please submit a request to OIT and our team will reach out to discuss your options.