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Exam Scanning and Scoring (Scantrons)

NOTE: Due to the popularity of Akindi and other alternatives to Scantron, OIT will cease Scantron services on August 15, 2019.

A fast and accurate way to score multiple-choice tests or enter survey data is to use optical mark recognition forms, also known as Scantron forms. Below are the steps for using such forms with the Scantron brand scanner located in Greve Hall. For an alternative approach that uses your departmental copy machine, see the Akindi pilot.

1. Purchase forms

2. Administer the exam

  • Remind students to use a #2 pencil and bubble their names in.

3. After the exam, prep the forms for scoring

  • The answer key is the same form with the correct answers filled in. Please label the answer key with your name, the class number, the version number or letter if there are multiple versions of the exam, and the word “key” in the top margin of the Scantron form.
  • The scanning software allows for only one correct answer per item.
    • Filling in multiple response choices on the key will give all students credit no matter which response they choose.
    • To have an item dropped from the scoring process, leave all response choices for that item blank on the key.
  • Forms must be stacked face-up, flat, and in proper order with all forms facing the same direction. Forms must be in good condition. Scantron forms that have been torn, crumbled, or subjected to water damage will not run thought the scanner.
  • Each set of tests must have its own key with a single answer per item.
  • Your departmental account number must be entered on the scan submission form when the forms are dropped off. Batches of forms without departmental account numbers will not be scanned.
  • Forms are processed for 6 cents per page.
  • You must make arrangements in advance for the use of custom forms or custom data analyses.

4. Bring completed forms and answer key to Greve Hall

  • Deliver forms and answer key to 517 Greve Hall, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Mon.-Fri.

5. Get the results

  • The scanner will print the score on each form and electronic results are delivered within one working day through an encrypted email to a UT email account. On the last day of final exams we scan more frequently to give you more time to get your grades in.
  • Forms should be picked up promptly after being processed. Processed forms left over two weeks from their drop-off date will be securely discarded.


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