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LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table contains Keyboard Shortcuts available during a LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) meeting.  Keyboard Shortcuts are keys that are selected or engaged in combination to accomplish a function or activate a feature.

​Function ​Windows Keystroke Mac Keystroke
​Engage or disengage the Microphone Alt + A​ ​Command + Shift + A
​Engage or disengage the Video (webcam) Alt + V​ ​Command + Shift + V
​Switch Camera ​Alt + N Command + Shift + N​
​Start or stop Share Screen Alt + S​ ​Command + Shift + S
​Start or stop Recording ​Alt + R Command + Shift + R​
​Enter Full Screen Mode ​Alt + F ​Command + Shift + F
​Undo most recent action ​Ctrl + Z Command + Shift + Z​
​Redo action ​Ctrl + Y ​Command + Shift + Y
​Return to mouse mode ​Right-click on screen ​Right-click on screen
​Switch View (Gallery/Speaker) ​Command + Shift + W ​Command + Shift + W

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