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Hybrid, Daily Flip Flop

All students in the class meet with the instructor in the classroom as a single group (face-to-face) at one meeting per week. During the other meetings of the class, students learn online, through either synchronous or asynchronous instruction. 

Download a PDF summary of this modality

MONDAYS– Instructor and Students are all in the Classroom (socially distanced and wearing masks):

WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS – Instructor and students interact online, either synchronously via Zoom or asynchronously via Canvas or a combination of both.

As an example:

  • Mondays – Entire class meets in the face-to-face physical classroom as a single group (instructor may introduce a topic via lecture, activities, etc.).
  • Wednesdays – Students complete activities and/or homework asynchronously (may consist of readings, videos or pre-recorded lectures, and exercises or case studies). Instructor is available online to answer any questions.
  • Fridays – Class meets synchronously online via Zoom where the instructor answers questions about the activities and leads students in whole-group and small-group activities and discussions (the latter via Zoom breakout rooms) that cover the material from Monday and Wednesday.

The best way to be prepared for any teaching/learning scenario is to create a robust Canvas site for your course. Doing so will provide you and your students the flexibility to fully participate regardless of the delivery mode (Face-to-face, Hybrid, Online).

  • Includes an inviting course Homepage.
  • Employs a course template designed by OIT to help structure your course site.
  • Uploads course content to include recorded lectures, PowerPoints, links to external web resources and other materials.
  • Creates assignments that are automatically linked to the gradebook and the course calendar and establish a standard method for students to submit assignments.
  • Creates online assessments using the Canvas quiz tool, in which quiz questions and distractors can be randomized to create unique student attempts.
  • Delivers live lectures and conducts office hours online in Zoom.

These Canvas resources can help you create a robust Canvas site: