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Web Survey Details

The university contract with Qualtrics to provide web survey services is due for renewal in Spring 2018. Given that Qualtrics is widely used by faculty, staff, and students, UT is interested in input from members of the campus community. To enable all interested parties to participate, we plan to follow these steps.

  1. A questionnaire will ask current survey users at all UT campuses how they use surveys, and ask them to rate the importance of each of approximately 150 web survey features (survey takes around 10-20 minutes). Those who are interested can provide their email for future involvement.
  2. Purchasing has announced a Request for Qualified Suppliers (RFQS), asking web survey vendors to respond.
  3. During the last two weeks of October, a series of webinars will demonstrate the features of several web survey tools (any vendor who responds to the RFQS). The webinar schedule will be advertised and everyone who expressed an interest on the initial survey will be contacted directly. Links to a comprehensive list of features, and to free trial accounts will also be provided.
  4. Each webinar will be followed by a brief survey asking for input from everyone who watched the presentation. The survey will ask for ratings of both ease-of-use and power.
  5. Vendors will provide detailed lists of the features they claim to offer, and a review committee will test each of the approximately 150 features for all vendors. The results from each rater will be cross-checked with the others to ensure accuracy.
  6. Scores will be calculated by weighting each feature by the importance rating provided in the initial survey.
  7. The tools will also be rated for ease of use, and comprehensiveness of training options.
  8. Only at the end of this process will price be made available to the review committee. While price is a factor, it is only one consideration and we are keenly aware that there are costs involved in migration (UT has migrated survey tools twice before).
  9. The result will likely be one site license shared across UT campuses, plus individual and departmental licenses available from multiple vendors for those who prefer to purchase a different tool.
  10. If we do end up choosing a tool other than our current one, Qualtrics, we will investigate extending the license as well as making available individual/departmental licenses for academic use as well as external not-for-profit and external for-profit use (potentially three separate prices for each.)

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