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Your Zoom Meeting is at Risk

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When you post Zoom meeting details online, you are opening the door for anyone (including unwanted guests) to join your meeting. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a number of meetings like yours disrupted by malicious people who search social media for unprotected meetings and share them with potential intruders.

We strongly recommend you take the following actions to reduce the risk of disruption. 

Make your meeting private by: 

  1. Removing the public post
  2. Delete this meeting and create a new one
  3. Require authentication
  4. Enable security settings: Meeting password/passcode, waiting room, and meeting registration. Instructions for managing your security settings
  5. Send the new meeting information only to people you know 

If your meeting needs to be a public meeting, we suggest that you follow these best practices:

  1. Require registration and only provide the meeting invite and passcode to those registered.
  2. Enable the Waiting Room and only allow registered guests in.

Visit OIT’s Working and Teaching Remotely page for additional information and tips for a successful (and secure!) online meeting.