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OIT News

Windows 11

Microsoft just released Windows 11 to eligible users on October 5.  

The Windows 11 upgrade is a phased rollout which targets eligible devices first.  Note that there is an emphasis on “eligible” devices, which is a combination of hardware capability and the version of Windows you are running.

University devices running Windows 10 Education should not be offered an automatic upgrade and should follow a different process than standard consumer devices running other versions of Windows. Currently, the Windows 11 ISO has not been made available to us and we discourage downloading it outside our standard processes. Additionally, there may be compatibility issues with your other applications so you will want to confirm that those applications are certified to work with Windows 11 before upgrading. As always, OIT recommends caution when upgrading your operating system.  

More information will be available once OIT is given access to Windows 11 as part of our university contract Volume License.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the OIT HelpDesk online or call (865) 974-9900.