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Why Record with Panopto?

OIT has made options to record your classroom lectures easier than ever! Panopto is a cloud-based, lecture capture system that is fully integrated into the classroom Cynap. See these instructions for using Panopto on your Cynap. Your students will not have access to the class recording until you add it as content within Canvas or provide the students with the link or class catalog.

Panopto recordings have higher resolutions than Zoom recordings. You can create an on-the-spot recording of the presentation slides and classroom camera in separate frames within the Panopto viewer. Then, store and edit videos in the cloud for later use. 

If you need to have discussions with online participants or guest speakers, use Zoom. Zoom cloud recordings are currently sent automatically over to your private Panopto Meeting Recordings folder for editing and storage after you start using the Panopto system.

Panopto features include:  

  • Manage and share recorded content within Canvas  
  • Upload and edit recordings and slides within Panopto  
  • Add captions to recordings  
  • Search recordings for what is said aloud and what is displayed in PowerPoint slides  
  • Engage with discussion threads, Q&A, and quizzes in recordings  
  • Save notes and bookmarks personalized to you within each video  

Learn Panopto: