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What’s New in MATLAB R2021a?

MATLAB R2021a delivers new features in MATLAB and Simulink, three new products, and updates to all other products.  

New products include:  

  • DDS Blockset – design and simulate DDS applications 
  • Radar Toolbox – design, simulate, and test multifunction radar systems 
  • Satellite Communications Toolbox – simulate, analyze, and test satellite communications systems and links. 

Major product updates are: 

  • Aerospace Toolbox - define aircraft configuration and dynamics for stability and control analyses, and design and analyze scenarios of satellites and ground stations 
  • Antenna Toolbox - estimate efficiency and losses in metal antennas with finite conductivity and thickness using a catalog of materials, e.g., copper, tin, and gold 
  • Audio Toolbox – use AI-powered single-line signal analytics for audio, speech, and acoustics with underlying pre-trained deep networks and machine learning models 
  • Datafeed Toolbox - connect to Bloomberg using C++ interfaces and leverage Trading Toolbox functionality merged into Datafeed Toolbox
  • Navigation Toolbox - implement multisensor and landmark SLAM; simulate GNSS sensors with improved accuracy 
  • Reinforcement Learning Toolbox - create, train, and simulate reinforcement learning agents interactively with Reinforcement Learning Designer app 
  • Vehicle Network Toolbox - decode and visualize CAN FD and CAN bus traffic with the CAN FD Explorer and CAN Explorer apps 

For more information about MATLAB R2021a, see the release highlights and videos and release notes.