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UDL Meets Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

UDL, Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) has always been about making your instruction inclusive and accessible to a diverse population of learners. Preparing your instructional content is not as daunting a task as you might assume.  

Asynchronous workshops are available for those new to UDL concepts and easy to access for quick reference for those needing reminders on how to apply the principles and techniques. These courses are segmented into short tutorials on the most practical and often used applications and classroom delivery systems including Word, PowerPoint, and Canvas.  

Self-enroll in these do-it-yourself workshops to get up to speed on the best ways to prepare your courses to support all students, regardless of their learning styles, abilities, and experiences.  

Enroll in a Self-paced workshop

  • Implementing UDL on Canvas  
    • Conceptual Foundations 
    • Using Multiple Means of Engagement 
    • Using Multiple Means of Representation 
    • Using Multiple Means of Action and Expression 

Just because these workshops are self-paced does not mean you are on your own. Follow up with questions by requesting a personalized consultation.   

Consult with Our Resident Expert on UDL:

Bob DuBois, the OIT Faculty Fellow for the academic year 2021-22 in Universal Design for Learning (UDL), is offering flexible one-on-one consultations for faculty to review opportunities to incorporate UDL principles for increasing student retention, persistence, and engagement in their online, on-campus, and hybrid courses at the university. To schedule a consultation with “Dr. Bob,” select a day and time on his You Can Book Me dashboard. He can help you with possible learning barriers in your course and how UDL principles may help to maximize your learners’ purpose, motivation, resourcefulness, and knowledge, as well as strategies for goal-directed success.

DuBois has a unique blend of expertise in educational, industrial/organizational, and counseling psychology and has devoted much of his work to maximizing student learning and success. He is an experienced online, on-campus, and hybrid instructor and a master reviewer and face-to-face facilitator for Quality Matters. He has developed and frequently presents a series of student- and faculty-centered workshops relevant to transforming students to lifelong learners and instructors to learning facilitators. DuBois serves as a Senior Lecturer and Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies in the department of psychology at the university.