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Top 5 Ways to Organize Group Work

You were assigned a group project. Yay! Now you have to meet with these folks who all have different schedules and priorities. What do you do? Maybe, you don’t have to meet with them at all! Try out some of these tools for getting group work done when you can’t physically get together. 

  1. Zoom – have a meeting online. Each person can join from their phone or laptop wherever they are. 
  2. OneNote notebook – use this tool in Office 365 to combine all your notes into one document for the group to share. OneNote notebooks can handle video, images, PDFs, and audio clips in addition to the text you add.
  3. Planner – Use Planner to assign tasks to members of the group. You can create checklists. Members will receive email when they have a task assigned. 
  4. PowerPoint Online or Google Slides allow multiple people to work on your presentation at the same time. No sending attachments and worrying that someone is making changes to the wrong version of the file! 
  5. OneDrive or Google Drive gives you a place to store all your documents and files, while giving permissions for other people to view, edit, and share. Use this for keeping track of images, supporting documents, and your presentation all in one folder. 

If you don’t see one of the Office 365 apps, just select All Apps from the list to expand and see the apps you have available to you. 

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