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Tips on Running Efficient Online Meetings

cartoon screen with people having online meeting with Outlook and MS Teams logo

How often have you left a meeting thinking, “that’s part of my life I won’t get back.” Make sure when you run a meeting with colleagues or students you are efficient and respectful of everyone’s time.  

All faculty, staff, and students on campus have access to the Outlook and MS Teams apps in Office 365.  

When you schedule a meeting: 

  1. Add your agenda to the meeting notes section. Attendees will know what the meeting is about and be prepared with information. You can then use this to keep track of your talking points. 
  2. Use Scheduling Assistant in Outlook and Teams to look at the blocked-out portions of your colleagues’ calendars. You can find times when everyone is available rather than sending out blind invitations. 
  3. Don’t forget to add a reminder. As folks get involved in tasks, they need that pop-up to remind them to log onto Zoom or MS Teams for video meetings.  
  4. Schedule your Zoom or MS Teams meeting through Outlook.  
    To add the Zoom plugin into your Outlook app. 
    • In Outlook for Windows and Mac, select Get Add-ins in the ribbon, search for Zoom, and click Add.  
    • An Add a Zoom Meeting button will be added to your ribbon for new meetings and appointments. 
  5. Meeting link locations: 
    • When scheduling a Zoom meeting through Outlook, the meeting link will automatically be copied into the location field.  
    • When creating an MS Teams meeting, the link will be included in the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting hyperlinked text in the meeting invitation. 

For more information on using: