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Students Registered for Clickers but Not Seeing Their Grades?

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A frequent problem we see related to clicker usage in class is when students are registered and responding in class but not seeing their grades in Canvas. The cause of the issue is usually one of two things:  

1. Accidental incomplete account registration by students.  

What happens: Echo360 bought out Turning Technologies earlier this year and they have re-branded everything EXCEPT their verification email sent to new accounts. That verification email comes from Turning, and when spam filters catch it, students are not seeing the verification email to complete their registration. 

How to fix it: Students can reference the OIT Knowledge Base article, How to register an Echo360 Account if you do not see the verification email (for Students), to verify their account and connect to Canvas without using the email. 

2. Automatic roster updates are not updating for the instructor. 

What happens: The instructor sees students who are fully registered in Echo360 as unregistered in PointSolutions. 

How to fix it: The instructor may reference this OIT Knowledge Base article, Updating Student Roster in PointSolutions (Clickers) from Echo360, to run a manual roster update both on the web and in their PointSolutions app.

For help getting your students registered or other clicker questions, submit a request at OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 865-974-9900.