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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

OIT is excited to announce a new security training program for students, emeritus faculty, retirees, and sponsored accounts! This training is approximately 15 minutes and will test your knowledge of:

  • creating and using good passwords
  • social engineering, phishing, scams, and malware
  • best practices for working security on- and off-campus

Benefits of security training include:

Reduced errors. A recent study showed that 80% of breaches are caused by carelessness. Programs that teach you about common scams, such as email attachments that contain malware or phishing emails that steal personal information, show you are much less likely to accidentally click links or open files.

Enhanced security. When using strong passwords, flagging suspicious emails, and alerting the HelpDesk about unusual communications or activity, the university becomes less vulnerable.

Enhanced morale. Scams are increasingly sophisticated, and many are embarrassed that they don’t know much about security or what to do to stay safe.

Looks great on a resume. Potential employers will take note of your completion of a security awareness training program and know you have the skills to be safe online and protect their data.

Log in to Canvas to enroll in OIT’s Security Awareness Training