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Reboot Your Office

dusty office desk

As you begin to return to campus, we wanted to remind you of a few IT housekeeping tips that will help you ease back in.

If you were hired during the last year and haven’t been to campus yet, Welcome!  Check out the guide for new employees and instructors on the OIT website for information about a host of OIT services. 

Once you are back in your office, look at our checklist below to get your technology in tip-top shape.

  • If you aren’t able to log into your computer, contact the OIT HelpDesk for assistance.
    • Once you are logged in:
      1. Check your internet connection.  If it’s not working, go to to ensure that your computer is registered for use on UT’s network.
      2. Run your operating system updates and software updates.  If your computer has been offline for a while, you may have many updates waiting for you.
      3. Open Microsoft Office to run updates and activate the software.
      4. Test printing to your network printers. 
  • If you changed your password while you were away, expect several applications such as Microsoft Office and Outlook to ask for your updated password.
  • If your keyboard and mouse aren’t responsive, you may need to replace the batteries or charge them before you can use them.
  • If your software licenses have expired, download the new version from the OIT Software Distribution site.
  • You may need to dust off your computer after a year of inactivity.  Use dusting clothes and spray that is safe for electronics.
  • After you register or re-register your device, reboot it to get it to connect to the network. The next day you will need to fill out the annual self-classification survey. Instructions are in the Knowledge Base.
  • Apple and Android have new-ish privacy features that randomize your wireless MAC Address, the unique identifier recorded when you register your device for the UT wireless network. For devices to work correctly on our network, this feature will need to be disabled for Eduroam and ut-open. Instructions for turning off Private Wi-Fi Addresses for iOS and Android are available in the OIT Knowledge Base.  
  • If you have a new device that is not registered for the UT network, connect to UT’s Wi-Fi (ut-open or Eduroam), and visit to get started.

Are you still using your physical VolCard to swipe into UT buildings?  Consider setting up your digital VolCard on your Apple or Android device. Visit the VolCard website to learn more.

If you are using Ring Central, don’t forget that your Optipoint desk phone will not work with Ring Central. Don’t throw your Optipoint phone away!  Please leave it on your desk, and our team will be by to pick it up and install a RingCentral desk phone as needed.  

You may want to install the Ring Central app on your computer at work. Check out the UT RingCentral Quick Start Guide for instructions on installing the app.