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OIT WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS TECH TIP: Use Email to Limit Distractions

Wellness Wednesday

In support of the Chancellor’s wellness initiatives this summer, we’ll be sharing some tips to help disconnect from technology. Chancellor Plowman recommends Wellness Wednesdays in the month of July as a day set aside to minimize email and refrain from scheduled meetings. There are a couple of features in Outlook and Gmail that can help you.  

“Thank you for emailing. I am limiting email responses today to focus on projects. Let’s chat tomorrow.”
Setting up an autoreply in your email can be used for more just “out of the office” messages. Use autoreply to let people know that you’ll be minimizing email responses for the today as a part of the Chancellor’s initiative. You’ll both let the person messaging you know to expect a delayed response and hopefully encourage others to do the same! Learn how to setup an auto-reply in your email client.  

Block time on your calendar. Outlook and Gmail can create recurring meetings. Recurring meetings can be used for more than setting aside time for your team to meet. They can also be used to help block off your calendar for dedicated time for you to work on certain projects. Learn how to set up a recurring meeting or appointment