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OIT Student Year in Review

Top 10 student updates and upgrades

2019 has been a busy year for student services in OIT. We answered more than 30,000 student questions and implemented several new services and upgrades.  

Check out this top 10 list for some of the services students received from OIT. 


New Security Awareness Training! 

If you’re a student worker on campus, you’ll need to take this training. Learn how to avoid phishing attempts, create strong passwords, and lots more in less than 15 minutes. 


Two-Factor Authentication helps keep your email and other accounts safe. It prevents bad actors who’ve stolen or guessed your password from taking over your accounts, including accounts with access to your financial aid. 


New look and feel for MyUTK 

Designed to make it easier for you to find what you need, MyUTK’s new look brings it into the second decade of the 21st century.  


Classroom technology upgrades 

We worked to improve your classroom experience by upgrading the technology in more than 25 classrooms across campus.


Improvements to Humanities 201 & 202 computer lab

This computer lab received new projectors, more efficient lighting, refinished tables, and more computers. You can use this computer lab in between classes and as a quiet place to get your studying done. 


New Graduate Lab in Hodges Library

Hodges Library now boasts a larger Graduate Lab that includes dual-monitor stations, extra outlets for charging, and comfy furniture. 


Student Union upgrades 

Not just classroom technology, but networking, wireless, and cellular improvements went into the Student Union this year. Check your cell phone because you’ll have more bars now!


LinkedIn Clinic and Careerchella

Of the 619 students who attended Careerchella this fall, 240 received professional headshots, and 74 received personal LinkedIn consultations. The next clinic will be held in January of 2020. Check the OIT website after winter break for details


Improved wireless on Volunteer Blvd. 

Just like in the Student Union, you’ll now get a better wireless signal as you’re walking down Volunteer Blvd.    


LinkedIn Learning 

LinkedIn Learning has more than 15,000 videos for you to learn from. Topics cover everything from mindfulness to time management, software, project management, business and creative needs. Take advantage of this to learn what you need for future jobs!