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OIT News

New Panopto Features Coming Soon

Panopto just announced several new and exciting features that will be made available soon. Several features include items frequently requested by faculty and staff.  

To facilitate this update, Panopto will be offline for approximately four hours starting at 9:00 p.m.  Saturday, June 26. 

New features include: 

  • Multi-stream mobile and embed viewer — Exciting changes are coming to mobile devices and the Panopto embed viewer used in Canvas. Users will get a fully interactive multi-stream experience that allows them to dynamically control which streams are displayed and to cycle through visual layouts. Linked YouTube videos are also now supported in this viewer, along with the full suite of features available in Panopto’s interactive desktop viewer. 
  • Discussion moderation — Content creators can moderate discussions for both live webcasts and on-demand videos, controlling which discussion comments are visible to the full audience of viewers. 
  • Multi-stream preview in Panopto Capture — After recording a video with Panopto Capture (browser-based recorder), users will now see all their recorded streams in the preview viewer to increase confidence that all of their content has been captured correctly. 
  • Improved sharing experience — In response to usability feedback from users, Panopto revamped the sharing experience to be more intuitive and to use a modernized look and feel. 
  • Table of Contents and transcripts in shared emails — When sharing videos, users can choose to include the Table of Contents and transcript in the notification email, allowing the recipients to search or “read” the video without leaving their email inbox. 
  • Multi-language search — Users can specify the content language for each folder, enabling Panopto’s Smart Search and speech-to-text processing in multiple languages within the same site. 
  • Join or resume a session using Panopto Capture — Users can now use Panopto Capture (browser-based recorder) to create distributed recordings, joining an in-progress recording, or resuming a previous recording, right from the video library.  
  • Improved clips ordering — Users can now drag and drop clips to the desired location from the timeline UI in the editor. 
  • Mobile apps: background/reliable upload & share — Panopto’s mobile app now allows users to create recordings of unlimited duration and will upload videos while the app is in the background. Users can also easily share videos from within the app.