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More Departments Moving to RingCentral 

Dunford Demolition and Ring Central

Due to the upcoming demolition of Dunford Hall, OIT will be transitioning several locations from the current campus telephone services to RingCentral, an enterprise cloud-based communications solution. For departments located in one of these buildings, an OIT Communications representative will contact your department to schedule the move to RingCentral.   

Features of RingCentral 

  • Answer campus calls from multiple locations with the desktop and mobile app.  
  • App features include texting, conference calling, video conferencing, and faxing. 
  • Desktop app compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. 
  • Mobile app is available for iOS and Android. 
  • Forward your office phone to another UT extension or mobile phone number. 
  • Domestic long-distance calling is included in the monthly charge (excluding international). 
  • Multiple extensions. Use the app to answer multiple extensions. You’ll see which extension is ringing on the display before you answer the call. 

Why are we making this change? 

Dunford Hall is currently a telecommunications hub for several buildings on Cumberland Ave and the surrounding areas. Once construction begins, OIT will not be able to provide traditional phone service to these locations.

Which Buildings Will Be Impacted by This Change? 

Dunford Hall | 915 Volunteer Boulevard 

Fibers & Composites Manufacturing  Facility and Engineering Annex | 1321 White Avenue 

Frank G. Clement Hall | 1629 West Cumberland Avenue 

James D Hoskins Library | 1400 West Cumberland 

Jessie W. Harris Building | 1215 Cumberland Avenue 

Massey Hall | 825 Volunteer Boulevard 

Panhellenic Building | 1531 Cumberland Avenue 

Senter Hall | 1401 White Avenue 

Strong Hall | 1621 Cumberland Avenue 

VolShop | 1502 Cumberland Avenue 

Volunteer Hall | 1527 White Avenue 

White Avenue Parking Garage | 1720 White Avenue 

RingCentral Moves in Progress 

Blount Hall | 1534 White Avenue 

Early Learning Center- Research & Practice | 1206 White Avenue 

Early Learning Center | 2010 Lake Avenue 

Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy | 1640 Cumberland Ave. 

Law Complex | 1505 Cumberland Avenue 

RingCentral Moves Complete

Greve Hall | 821 Volunteer Boulevard 

Henson Hall | 1618 West Cumberland Avenue 

Tyson Alumni Center | 1609 Melrose Avenue