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Microsoft FindTime

Microsoft FindTime logo calendar and clock illustration

Sometimes setting up a meeting with a group of folks can be a time-consuming task. Microsoft has announced FindTime to help you create meeting polls for faculty, staff, students, and, yes, even external users. While you may have used third-party tools like Doodle Poll before, you can now use FindTime to create similar polls using the Microsoft FindTime plugin for Outlook.  

You have several options when using Outlook.  The plugin uses the Outlook Calendar’s free/busy information to help faculty and staff find the best meeting time. With students, you’ll be able to poll them through Gmail. If you’re a Microsoft Teams member, you’ll be able to survey the entire Team. 

FindTime is easy to use. You’ll create an email that includes the FindTime poll.  Using the FindTime option, select the meeting duration, dates and times to choose from, and location. Everyone invited will receive an email containing the meeting poll where each can vote on one or more preferred meeting times. When a consensus is reached for the meeting poll, FindTime will then send out the meeting invite on your behalf and add it to your calendar.

FindTime is a time-saver when setting up a meeting. If you are interested in learning more about FindTime, check out this video from Microsoft to get the rest of the story.  For step-by-step instructions on using FindTime, visit Microsoft’s website.