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Managing Your Online Day

heart and brain hold hands on a laptop

Advantages of Organization

Finding ways to help prepare your day without all the unnecessary stress can be tricky. Making a routine each morning as you setup for your online day can help you feel aligned and focused. Below are some helpful ideas and videos to encourage preparation for your online day to be more successful than stressful.  

  • Mindfulness – Get your head in the right space. Allow time before jumping into your online day to give yourself a second to simply breathe and organize your mind in how you wish to approach today. Below are a few LinkedIn Learning videos that can help you prepare your day with mindfulness and a positive mindset.  

Getting your computer desktop environment setup in a tailored, functional way for you will drastically expedite your focus to take on the day like a rock star. Some helpful tips to think about:  

  • Dashboard Start with setting up a platform that you can navigate within – like a dashboard such as Microsoft Planner. You can have access to all the important links, documents, and folders you know you will need daily. Make it easy to find your classes or projects you need to get done that day.  
  • File sharing –  Don’t bog down your email, but find a tool that allows you to share documents with peers, instructors, coworkers. Organize and store with Microsoft Teams files or your G-Suite Google Drive unlimited storage.
  • Digital Note-taking – Create the space that will help you stay organized and focused, especially with transitions. Watch this LinkedIn Learning video about digital notetaking and using OneNote.  
  • Playlist – Get your ‘ready to focus’ music playlist together with encouraging beats to help push you along throughout your day. Whether it is being inspired by some of UTK’s musicians or reading positive music quotes, just be radical today! 
  • Make a human connection! – Communicating with coworkers or peers is vital each day – even if the day is completely digital. Using Zoom or Microsoft Teams face-to-face videos is a great way to connect to others, see body language and hear tone of voice. When communicating through text, make sure you are clear keep in mind folks can’t see or hear personal clues as to your meaning.  
  • Email – When you know you are going to be away, just let others know by setting an Out-of-Office reply and enjoy your time away. For your own safety, it is best to be generic and just let others know you will be away and the duration, but not sharing any information as to where! Setting your out-of-office status and creating rules will also keep you organized and able to be more efficient.
    Choose your email platform for instructions on configuring Out-of-Office replies: Outlook for WindowsOutlook for MacOffice 365/Outlook Web AppGmail
  • Zoom – When you are about to join a meeting online, why not arrive a little earlier to catch up with others – you never know if that person hasn’t talked to someone in days.  Be prepared for your meeting, and take a second to check-in with others in an intentional way.

Finally, realize you aren’t alone!