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Learn to Make Your Online Courses Accessible with UDOIT

Online courses broaden our ability to reach a wide variety of students, but they can also serve as barriers when the students who need them are unable to access and use online materials we offer. The UDOIT Accessibility Checker allows you to:

  • Scan your Canvas course for potential accessibility issues
  • Fix many accessibility issues without leaving the UDOIT app
  • Learn more about why certain accessibility issues can inhibit learning and usability for some students
  • Track course files and mark them as reviewed for accessibility (outside of UDOIT)

New Workshop Dates are Available

Learn how to use the UDOIT Online Accessibility Checker to ensure your Canvas courses are accessible and usable by all students who need them. You’re invited to follow along with your Canvas course while learning to use UDOIT.
View dates and register.

For more information about getting started with UDOIT, refer to the UDOIT Accessibility User Guide.